The Rapture Of The Voice

When your voice soars, words become powerless ...

As your song rings out, you leave behind all that you thought about yourself before. When singing, you are enveloped in a magic that brings you fullness and contentment - everything becomes possible.

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Find your unique voice -
Singing and speaking.

Music therapy

Music therapy

Hidden within each one is a unique song waiting to be sung.

Weekly singing travels

Weekly singing travels

Experience a wonderful time with Vita in a dreamlike environment.


by Frank Schwarzwald

In 5 Tagen zur Ruhe kommen

Manchmal wirkt eine kurze Auszeit wie ein Wunder: Ein ruhiger Platz, gutes Essen, ein paar Basics lernen in Sachen Meditation unter professioneller und liebevoller Anleitung.

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Imagefilm vom Studio „Purple Voice“