Terms and Conditions - Weekly Lessons

Please note:

Canceled classes

In the case of illness of the pupil or the teacher, the obligation to pay the fee ends after a disease duration of 4 weeks. The student undertakes not to attend classes if he / she is so ill that there is a direct danger of infection to the teacher. In case of other class failure the following applies: If the teacher is unable to attend, he will catch up on the lessons if possible. If this is not possible, the teacher loses the fee for the failed class time..

If the pupil is prevented or absent, the teacher's fee remains in effect. If the prevention is communicated to the teacher at least one week in advance, the teacher will, if possible, catch up with the lesson. Short-term cancellations will not be made up. (Cancel 24 hours before is ok!)


During the probationary period, both the teacher and the student can orally refrain from further instruction.

Fee increase

An increase in the tuition fee is permitted and will be communicated in writing at least 6 weeks in advance.


A termination of the contract is possible on 31.03 and 30.09. with a period of 6 weeks.


Public holidays will be canceled unless otherwise agreed orally. You will receive your booked hours of singing or music therapy throughout. The holidays are personally coordinated with the respective student.

Individual lessons

An individual lesson is made anew from appointment to appointment. If the pupil can not show up at the agreed time, he must give notice 48 hours in advance, otherwise the individual lesson will be charged. (€ 50 .-- / 45 min.)