Vita's Biographie

  • Studied music at the Dortmund conservatory +++ Postgraduate: studied at "Actor's Institute", London
    Professional training as a Music Therapist/Practitioner at the Zukunftswerkstatt in Neukirchen-Vluyn
    Professional training as a Practitioner of Energetic Psychology - ED x TM, Freiburg

  • Active as a singing teacher and singer in Freiburg / Merzhausen
    Music therapy since 2003
    Energetic Psychology since 2012
    Professionally trained sound massage therapist since 2018

Vita's many years of stage experience - including her own cabaret - enable her to offer varied lessons in terms of musicality, performance and expression.

Vita’s training as a music therapist allows her to adapt to very different types of people, to interact with great patience and attention and to adjust to the speed at which each individual learns.
(see music therapy)
Many years of teaching both children and adults have revealed that a purely technical approach is often not sufficient to train a voice or to learn an instrument.
Difficulties may arise on the physical or emotional level, for instance:

  • Physical stress on one side of the body while playing the flute, guitar, violin etc.
  • Tension in the neck and throat area
  • Back problems – i.e., during long periods of standing while singing in the choir, sitting at the piano
  • Emotional inhibitions stemming from the student’s life experiences