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Week long singing trip - Travel agent SKR Cologne,

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"The two weeks over Christmas and New Year 2017/2018 at the Seminarzentrum Kunzehof in Seefeld were among the most relaxing holidays I have ever had."Singing in the group, expertly and imaginatively guided by Vita Ulrike Noll was wonderful. I very much enjoyed the generous atmosphere, friendly service, good food and pure air in the seminar hotel Kunzehof, as well as the clear starry nights, the soft water for showering and drinking and the unbelievable calm and tranquillity!" Margarete 2018


"Dear Vita, the week-long singing trip is still affecting me. It’s singing within me! My friends have noticed a glow in my eyes. I really enjoyed the week - singing and being with you all. For me it was a new experience to feel connected with people without having exchanged many words. All the best from Ute" 2018


"Dear Vita, I would like to thank you once again for this wonderful week that still lingers within me. Even people who do not know me so well notice a change. First and foremost, the time I spent with you focusing on meditation and connecting had such a strong effect on me that I suddenly feel totally and completely at home in this world. The „affection showers" in the group of course also played their part in this. Best regards from Christina." 2018


"Dear Vita, I thank you for drawing from your treasure of music and experience for us. Thank you as well for your sincerity and openness. Warmly, Wolfgang." 2018

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