Additional offers with voice

1. Wellness

Sound massages (ger)
Vocal yoga (ger)
Sound color work (ger)

2. Meditation

During my time over the last decades as a singing teacher and music therapist, the field of meditation has become more and more one of the main offerings in my work. This is true both in private lessons as well as on the trips that I offer, such as "meditation and holiday" or "meditation and singing" in the monastery. Since these projects are a bit more involved, I work together with the well-known tour operator SKR, which has its headquarters in Cologne. You can find all information about the 12 week vocal and meditation journeys here. What can I expect from meditation? And is meditation something everyone can learn? Continue reading... (ger)

3. Work with the body (ger)

4. Media applications (ger)

5. Early musical life for children (ger)

6. Rhetoric (ger)

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